Fish & Seafood

How to Prep Sliced Batang Fish

How to Prepare Batang Fish

Chinese Prawn Omelette Recipe

Chinese Prawn Omelette

Thai Claypot Scallop Glass Noodles Recipe

Claypot Scallop Glass Noodles

Bacon Wrapped Scallops Recipe

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Red Grouper Fish Soup Recipe

Red Grouper Fish Soup

Salmon Rice Porridge Recipe

Salmon Rice Porridge

Chinese-style Steamed Clams Recipe

Chinese Steamed Clams

Hot & Sour Lemon Prawns Recipe

Spicy Lemon Prawns

Claypot Thai Glass Noodles with Prawns Recipe

Claypot Thai Glass Noodles with Prawns

Baked Mussels Recipe

Baked Mussels

Shrimp Scampi Recipe

Shrimp Scampi

Lobster Spaghetti Recipe

Lobster Spaghetti

Taiwanese Salt and Pepper Oyster Recipe

Taiwanese Fried Oysters

Perfect Baked Lobster Tail Recipe

Baked Lobster Tail

Salmon Papillote Recipe

Salmon en Papillote (Salmon in Paper Parcel)

Chinese-style fried fish fillet recipe

Fried Shark Fillet

Salmon Head Miso Soup

Salmon Head Miso Soup

Steamed Bamboo Clams

Steamed Bamboo Clams

Kam Heong Prawns

Kam Heong (Golden Fragrance) Prawns

Miso Clams

Miso Clams Stir-Fry

Beer Steamed Prawns

Beer-steamed Prawns

Sake-Steamed Clams

Sake-Steamed Clams

Hotate Mentaiyaki

Hotate Mentaiyaki

Baked Cheese Scallops

Baked Scallops with Cheese