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Claypot Thai Glass Noodles with Prawns

Thai glass noodles with prawns (Goong Ob Woonsen) is one of my favourite Thai seafood dishes. This dish is quick-cooking (about 10 minutes on the stove) and very easy to prepare. You can serve it either as a side dish (more common) or a one-dish meal.

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Claypot Thai Glass Noodles with Prawns Recipe

I cooked and served this dish in a claypot. Not only does it look better in a claypot, it cooks better too, since the porous material of the claypot conducts and retains heat well. As the prawns cook, they also release their nice seafood juices which is soaked up by the glass noodles (tang hoon) beneath them. I love this simple and practical way of cooking.

Thai glass noodles with prawns recipe


Claypot Thai Glass Noodles with Prawns Recipe
Pound the aromatics in a mortar and pestle to release flavour.

Line the base of claypot with fatty bacon strips to prevent burning the bottom and to provide flavour. You can can replace bacon with cooking oil if you don’t consume pork.

Fry pounded aromatics in the bacon oil.

Add glass noodles, sauce and prawns (in that order).

Cover claypot and simmer over the stove to cook.

8 comments on “Claypot Thai Glass Noodles with Prawns”

  1. How delicious! I love that beautiful blueish bowl too.

  2. I love glass noodles, but never made in claypot…looks delicious Wiffy…such a comfort dish.
    Have a great week :)

  3. I did not know this dish is so easy to cook :p The glass noodles soaking up the prawns juices…I am already drooling

  4. Hi! Great recipe do I need to soak the glass noodles first? Thanks!

    • Yes, you need to soften the noodles before use. The instruction for soaking is next to the ingredient: glass noodles on the recipe on page 2.

  5. I’ve always ordered this dish whenever I go to Thai restaurants. I absolutely love the flavours in it. Today, I learned how to cook it from your recipe and I tried it at home. Absolutely love how it tastes like what I’m used to at the restaurants! When eating out, it’s usually one of the most expensive dishes on the menu, but it’s actually so simple to make! Thank you for this!! Love it!

  6. This Claypot Glass Noodles Prawns Recipe is the one that I loved the most. Firstly thank you so much for sharing the step-by-step recipe along with the picture as it makes understanding much easy. This recipe is the one that I can try making for my kids when I am late for the office.

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