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Chinese Prawn Omelette

This Chinese-stye prawn omelette (虾仁炒蛋 or 滑蛋虾仁) is my take on making this homely dish. The egg is moist & soft and the prawns (shrimps) are fresh & plump in this one.

Chinese Prawn Omelette Recipe

Chinese Prawn Omelette Recipe
I’ll tell you un-bashfully why my family thinks (in our very biased opinion :P), that this is the killer recipe for prawn omelette:

  • The scrambled egg is moist, tender and chunky. We don’t like flat and dry egg for this dish.
  • The prawns are luxury-edition. I always use fresh tiger prawns (not frozen ones). They are also kept whole (not diced) so that we can enjoy each juicy prawn on its own.
  • The ingredients are minimum. I use only salt (no baking soda, cornstarch, wine etc) to prep the prawns. Instead of cornstarch to make the egg smooth, I control the heat of the pan to achieve similar results.
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Chinese Prawn Omelette Recipe


The action is fast because timing and heat control are important factors here, so sorry that the photos are not very well-taken. But I hope they give you a clearer idea than words alone to describe the process.

Chinese Prawn Omelette Recipe
Grease a non-stick wokpan with cooking oil using a pastry brush. Heat the pan on low. Pour egg mixture into the wok. The egg will cook immediately only from the edges and bottom of the pan as the heat is low.

Chinese Prawn Omelette Recipe
Using a spatula, push the egg from the edge into the center of the omelette …

Chinese Prawn Omelette Recipe
… and tilt the pan for the uncooked liquid egg to flow underneath (pictured above). Keep doing this from various corners of the omelette.

Chinese Prawn Omelette Recipe
When the egg is semi-set with only the top surface of raw egg as pictured above …

Chinese Prawn Omelette Recipe
… start scrambling the egg by cutting them to large chunks with a spatula as pictured above. I took the pan off the heat now and then (just lift it up a little), to prevent overcooking the egg.

Chinese Prawn Omelette Recipe
When the egg is almost set, add cooked prawns (I cooked and set them aside on a plate earlier) and finish up cooking. The egg should be just set (no more uncooked, raw runny parts), still moist and very soft. Again, timing and heat control are important in this recipe.

Chinese Prawn Omelette Recipe
Slide the egg from the pan onto a serving plate (it looks most beautiful with the top layer of moist egg). Garnish with chopped spring onions and/or coriander. Enjoy this simple, homely yet luxurious prawn omelette.

3 comments on “Chinese Prawn Omelette”

  1. Mouthwatering! Love how your prawn omelette turned out…so tender, soft and packed with goodness.

  2. I’m going to try this tonight because it marries 2 things that my toddler loves; eggs, and prawns.

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