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Tomato Eggs

First posted on Jul 2013, updated in 2016.

This humble Chinese tomato eggs (番茄炒蛋) is a 15-minute home-style dish I know I can rely on anytime. The ingredients are few (tomato, egg, ketchup and sugar) but the taste is full.

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I love to whip this up when fresh foods are running low. It is sure to complement any Chinese meal you are having.

Tomato Eggs Recipe

This recipe is improved and updated over the previous one posted in 2013. A bit of tomato ketchup is added after recommendations from readers and friends. The ketchup not only accentuates the flavour of the tomatoes, it also provides a more vivid and beautiful colour for this dish. This is also a more “saucy version” with the umami juices of the fresh tomatoes being soaked up by the egg. With the right balance of sweet and just a tad of sour from the tomatoes, everything just goes incredibly well with steamed rice.

Tomato Egg Recipe
This is how I slice the tomato for this dish.

Tomato Egg Recipe

14 comments on “Tomato Eggs”

  1. I also like tomato eggs. But even if I use fresh tomatoes, I don’t ever blanch them. Oops.
    Back in Sg, we have that for breakfast sometimes – tomato eggs as the “sandwich filling”.

  2. LOVE this dish! This has to be one of the most iconic Chinese dishes for me; I grew up eating this! I see that your recipe is similar to my family’s recipe because I’ve seen some versions where the tomatoes are cooked until mushy and then the egg is scrambled and mixed into the “mush” hehe. =)

  3. Can i ask how come need to blanch the raw tomato first? Isit for ease of peeling the skin? Thanks noobcook!

    • Yes ease of peeling, and also the tomato will be softer and like what Lez said, a bit “mushy” but in the good sense. But if you don’t wish to blanch, feel free to add fresh cut tomatoes.

  4. I hate peeling tomatoes too. Such a messy affair. Will try canned ones :)

  5. Love this homely dish. Yummy tangy fluffy eggs!

  6. One of my childhood favourites! Actually this dish is one of the first that my mom ever taught me to make as a preparation for college ;) Never gets old.

  7. What’s e difference between yellow and white onions?

  8. tomato and egg , serious… i must try it..

  9. I love your blog. Reminds me of mum’s home cooked food away from home :) btw I find using fresh tomatoes a bit tasteless so I add a couple of tablespoons of ketchup :p

  10. This is one of my family’s favourite dish and I cook this almost every week! Yours looks very delicious.

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