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Preserved Turnip Omelette (Chai Po Neng)

Cai Po Neng

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This Chinese-style preserved turnip (preserved/salted radish) omelette or better known as chai po neng locally is another humble, childhood favourite often cooked by my mum. It goes so well with porridge. As with most of my mum’s recipes, the ingredients are minimum (just preserved turnip, eggs and garlic) yet so delicious; best of all it’s like an evergreen classic for I never get sick of eating it all these years.

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My mum does not always wash the preserved turnip (chai po) before cooking, but I prefer to do so to get rid of excess saltiness or any dirt (highly recommended by the market uncle who sold me the chai po). Unlike my mum’s long bean omelette and fish cake omelette which is seasoned by salt &/or soy sauce, there is usually no need to salt this omelette at all as the chai po is already very salty.

Cai Po Neng

30 comments on “Preserved Turnip Omelette (Chai Po Neng)”

  1. Can I get chai po from regular supermarkets instead of wet market? Is there a particular brand that you use?

    • The “Twin Rabbit” brand of chai po is good, sold at both wet markets and supermarkets in SG. But you can use any brand you like.

    • Thanks Wiffy! My chai po keeps popping during the stir fry. Is this normal? On a separate note, I toasted my chai po with chopped garlic in the oven and sprinkled on my fried rice. Yum!

    • That’s not really normal. I think it’s because they are not completely dried before you add to the wok. Do air dry them a bit more, after rinsing the preserved turnip.

  2. that is my favourite dish especially with plain porridge. hmmm but i never add spring onions… will do next time.

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