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Fried Spring Rolls

Chinese new year celebrates Spring, so it’s no wonder that spring rolls (also known as egg rolls/春卷) are popularly served on the reunion dinner table. I love spring rolls any time of the year. I made extras to keep in the freezer, so that I can deep fry them whenever needed.

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It’s great to make your own spring rolls because the oil is clean (we don’t re-use oil until it has turned dark), and you can use any filling you like (I dislike bean sprouts so I made a special batch without bean sprouts, just for me). Even though my version do not come with meat, you can add minced meat or chopped shrimp in the filling. The possibilities are endless. The ingredients are very accessible and cheap too.

Step-by-Step Photos (How to Wrap Spring Rolls)

Spring Roll Wrappers
I used TYJ (Spring Home) brand of wrappers. Thanks tigerfish for sharing and do check out her baked spring rolls recipe.

Spring Roll Wrappers
Tip: While folding the spring rolls, cover the wrappers with a damp cloth to prevent them from drying out and hardening.

How to Wrap Spring Roll
Place a heaped tablespoon of filling near the corner of the wrapper nearest to you.

How to Wrap Spring Roll
Fold the corner over the filling.

How to Wrap Spring Roll
Fold both sides towards over the centre of the wrapper.

How to Wrap Spring Roll
Roll the filling towards the centre.

How to Wrap Spring Roll
Keep the folds tight as you continue to roll the filling.

How to Wrap Spring Roll
Secure the remaining corner with egg white to seal the egg roll.

How to Wrap Spring Roll
Repeat until all the filling is used up.

Spring Rolls Recipe
Deep fry & enjoy!

8 comments on “Fried Spring Rolls”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I was already thinking of making them again when I posted about them earlier, but then the urge “died” . Now that I see yours, feel like making again…LOL!

    Maybe you can add more filling since your wrappers look quite big ?(you bought the larger ones, right?). I don’t know. Maybe they were just right.
    I used the smaller dimensions wrappers when I made mine.

    • That’s what I thought initially, so I used two tbsp of filling. Spring roll wraps well but family complained that it’s too “fat” and “chunky”. So I reduced to a heaped tbsp and they said it’s much more presentable (fussy food critics at home!)

  2. I love fried spring rolls but always afraid they don’t stay crispy for long. Thanks for sharing your way, looks simple and easy. Will give it a try.

  3. Yay, yay … so glad am able to open your blog now (havent been able to do so for a long time). This is good to just eat it on its own.

  4. Fun to roll and yummy to eat :)

  5. Hi may I ask how do u keep them crispy after you fried them for a while? Mine doesn’t stay crispy for long.. TIA!

  6. Hi i have a question. I defrost the wrapper then i wrap the rolls. Is it save to refreeze them. I thought we should not thaw and freeze again.

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