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Sheet Pan Shrimp

This sheet pan shrimp (prawn) is deliciously buttery and succulent. Roasting in the oven means not needing to watch the stove or worry about oil splatters.  Recently I bought a compact baking pan (disclosure: amazon affliate), which is exactly half the size of a standard oven baking tray. It is really handy for making smaller portions (meals for 1 or 2 anyone?) and as a bonus for me, food-tography is much easier ;) For bigger servings, use a standard baking tray & double up the recipe measurements accordingly.

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Sheet Pan Shrimp Recipe
Enjoy the roasted shrimps on their own as a light meal or for supper. Do soak up the juices in the pan with some bread or pasta.

Sheet Pan Shrimp Salad
Or you can also turn this into a shrimp salad, using the pan juices as part of the salad dressing.

2 comments on “Sheet Pan Shrimp”

  1. Wow the shrimp looks really juicy and flavourful with garlic and butter! So yummy and tempting :-)

  2. When I roast shrimps, I also use the pan juices as salad dressing, Yay!

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