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Smoked Oysters Quinoa Salad Jar

A brand new year means the (re)start of salad days. My new year’s resolution is to make many salads in 2019, to keep off the fats :P The wonders of a salad jar comes to my aid. One can prepare salad jars days in advance, making it convenient for meal prep. Serve this for dinner, or bring it to work for lunch. To me, salad jars are eating healthy made easy :)

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Layers of my salad jar

Basic rule for a salad jar to keep well for days in the fridge is wet stuff at the bottom (sauce dressing, cucumbers, etc) & dry stuff (salad leaves, carb & dry toppings) at the top.

Smoked Oysters Quinoa Salad Jar Recipe

From top to bottom:

  • topmost layer: feta cheese & cooked quinoa (or any carb)
  • chopped romaine lettuce
  • chopped red onions
  • kidney beans & sweet corn
  • cucumbers & cherry tomatoes (they absorb the olive oil dressing & provide the “barrier layer” to keep the ingredients on top dry)
  • bottom-most layer: smoked oysters in olive oil +  seasonings (lemon, chilli powder, soy/salt & pepper)

Tin of Smoked Oysters in Olive OIl
I bought my smoked oysters from iHerb (affliate link). Please note there is a warning on the package about the tin linings (read more at the product page). You can look for alternative brands, such as John West’s smoked oysters in (sunflower) oil, sold at selected NTUC Finest and Cold Storage in Singapore.

Smoked Oysters Quinoa Salad Jar Recipe
To eat straight from the jar, I tip my jar upside down (only attempt if your lid is very tight) for 1 minute to allow the dressing to seep all the way to the other end of the jar, where the dry ingredients rest.

Smoked Oysters Quinoa Salad Jar Recipe
Then give the jar some vigorous shaking (holding firmly onto the lid to keep it close) before tucking in. Since my salad jar is small, I have another container to hold extra salad leaves. As I am eating my salad, I will add the extra leaves to my jar to absorb the remaining salad dressing. Alternatively, just empty the salad into a large bowl, toss and enjoy.

3 comments on “Smoked Oysters Quinoa Salad Jar”

  1. I LOVE those smoked oysters! The salad looks so flavourful, healthy and tasty! Happy New Year :-))

  2. Salad jar has been in my to-do list for quite some time. But end of day I just resort to making salad bowls (like what I always do) , unless I can eat straight from the jar which I find it troublesome (and difficult and messy):O That said, I will definitely make salad jars come true one day, perhaps summer time?

    Aiyo, many many salads for the new year? When it is cold and chilly over here this time of the year, so hard to have many many salads leh….just want warm food. Still, I hear you…I also need to eat more “salads”..cos have REALLY been stuffing myself silly last month e.g. end-of-year short trips, holiday buffets etc. …..so much so, that I experienced food coma.

    Ok, ok 向你看齐

    • In contrast, it’s hot like hell here :P Yes, I have been gorging during the holidays too, hence now the need to eat low-carb :P

      You can always pour out the salad into a large bowl. Keeping them in jars is great for meal prep and take up less space in the fridge. If you eat straight from the jar, use a wide-mouth opening, tip it upside down for 1 min and shake the jar energetically before eating.

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