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Cheesy Mini Pizza

I made this 10-minute air fryer cheesy mini pizza right after my mushroom Margherita pizza because I had lots of leftover pizza ingredients, including a focaccia bread in the freezer. By “mini”, I am referring to a small pizza or pizzetta roughly 15 cm in diameter. This is such a fast recipe that I made it in time before going to work in the morning. It took me less than an hour to make the recipe, including editing a few photos, cleaning up and eating the pizza for breakfast :) If you are using a toaster oven or regular oven, it will take a 5-7 more minutes to bake than in the air fryer.


Cheesy Mini Pizza Recipe

My cheesy mini pizza was made with 3 types of cheese – shredded pizza cheese (mozzarella + cheddar) and fresh mozzarella. Since a mini pizza is small, you can use any random toppings (literally scraps) – I used mushroom, olive and cherry tomato. 

MAIN INGREDIENTS (Cheesy Mini Pizza)

Cheesy Mini Pizza Ingredients Collage

  1. Mini pizza bread options. I am using focaccia bread from Saizeriya.  Besides focaccia, you can use frozen pizza base, pita bread, flat bread, puff pastry and naan. The size of a mini pizza is approximately 15-cm.
  2. Pizza sauce – I am using a two-in-one pizza & pasta sauce. Leftover sauce can be frozen in an ice cube tray.
  3. Shredded pizza cheese – mine is made of mozzarella and cheddar.
  4. Fresh mozzarella cheese – I tear the fresh cheese to small pieces by hand. The cheese will melt nicely when baked.
  5. Random Toppings – I am literally using food scraps like black olive, mushroom and cherry tomato. You can also omit the toppings to enjoy the cheese on its own.
  6. Garnishes – Freshly cracked pink salt (optional), basil & parsley, red pepper flakes & extra-virgin olive oil.


Freezing Focaccia Bread
I froze freshly bought focaccia bread immediately by wrapping it in cling, followed by foil. This method will keep the bread well in the freezer for more than a month. There is no need to thaw the bread – just use it immediately upon taking it out from the freezer.

Before Baking:

Cheesy Mini Pizza (Air Fryer/Before Bake)

Garnish the pizza in this order:

  • Spread the pizza sauce evenly on each bread using the back of a spoon, leaving a small gap around the edges.
  • Add a layer of shredded cheese,
  • Garnish with torn pieces of fresh mozzarella cheese and your choice of toppings.

After Baking:

Cheesy Mini Pizza Recipe
Garnish with pink salt, basil & parsley, evoo and chilli flakes.

3 comments on “Cheesy Mini Pizza”

  1. That pizza looks so crusty and the topping amazing!

  2. Pizza looks perfectly baked (rather air-fried) to deliciousness. What’s better is that it can be ready in 10 minutes. Wow!

  3. Hello. Does this recipe work the same with an oven toaster?

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