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Crab Tomato Spaghetti

This crab tomato spaghetti was my sumptuous lunch for one. This is the second out of three crab recipes I’ll be posting this week, the first was the Chinese crabmeat omelette that I posted a few days ago.

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Crab Tomato Spaghetti Recipe

My plate of spaghetti has baby spinach, cherry tomato & of course generous crab meat in it. It tastes seafood fresh, buttery and mildly spicy – just the way I love my spaghetti.


Before these photos were taken, I cooked the spaghetti in a pot of salted water until al dente. Then I drained the pasta and reserved a small cup of pasta water.

Crab Tomato Spaghetti Recipe (Step 1)
Heat olive oil & add cherry tomatoes. Don’t move them around much. When the cherry tomatoes skin starts to blister as shown above…

Crab Tomato Spaghetti Recipe (Step 2)
… push the cherry tomatoes to the side. Add garlic and remaining olive oil. Fry the garlic …

Crab Tomato Spaghetti Recipe (Step 3)
… until they just start to turn golden brown. Then add crabmeat & butter…

Crab Tomato Spaghetti Recipe (Step 4)
… as well as chilli (or chilli flakes) if you like some heat & a small squeeze of lemon juice.

Crab Tomato Spaghetti Recipe (Step 5)
Add the cooked pasta, another knob of butter and crab broth (from my bottle of crabmeat). If you don’t have crab broth, substitute with a rich (tetra-pak) chicken broth or use the reserved pasta water…

Crab Tomato Spaghetti Recipe (Step 6)
When the spaghetti is nicely combined, add a generous handful of baby spinach.

Crab Tomato Spaghetti Recipe (Step 7)
Let the spinach wilt in the heat and the pasta is done.

Crab Tomato Spaghetti Recipe
To serve, drizzle a lug of evoo and crack some black pepper over the pasta.

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  1. So fresh and delicious…I miss crab!

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