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Cherry Tomato and Scallop Pasta

This cherry tomato and scallop pasta is a signature noob cook (read: lazy) style of cooking. I simply bake a small casserole of scallops and cherry tomatoes (pictured below; right), then toss in cooked pasta to soak in the baking juices. By doing so, I minimize oil splatters and messy clean ups on the stove top. While the casserole is baking, I cook the spaghetti so this one-dish pasta can be served in under 30 minutes.

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Of course, cooking everything via the stove top is even faster and browning the ingredients in the pan provides a slightly more flavourful umami edge. But this fuss-free way of baking the casserole tastes good too and that’s how I love to cook most of the time. On the day I cooked this for the blog, I also made prepare salmon in paper parcel (pictured above; left) to make full use of the oven.

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Scallops and cherry tomatoes is a tried-and-tested combination which is well loved in my kitchen. Check out the links above for pasta recipe ideas for both the oven and stove top method.

Cherry Tomato and Scallop Pasta Recipe

The liquid collected in the casserole after baking (pic above) is good stuff! It is filled with the umami goodness of the scallop juices and the sweetness of the roasted cherry tomatoes. Therefore, do not discard the liquid. Simply add drained hot pasta to toss with the baked dish to soak up all the juices. It also makes a very nice side dish on its own if no pasta is added.

Cherry Tomato and Scallop Pasta Recipe

13 comments on “Cherry Tomato and Scallop Pasta”

  1. instead of scallops, can I use cod ? will it change the taste of this dish ?

    • Cod fish? That will be a different taste compared to scallops, which is a shell fish so it taste more umami. But roasting the cod fish with cherry tomato will work and sounds good to me, too.

  2. Hi! do you use salted / unsalted butter? realized that your recipes usually only indicate ‘butter’, so noob-noobcooks like me are at a loss hahaha.

    • Personally I only buy unsalted butter, because I prefer to salt my own dishes to taste. But it’s also all right if you only have salted butter, just season accordingly (with less salt) to taste.

  3. Now, we really have the same “style” of cooking leh….
    Yes cooking over the stove-top achieve certain results that oven-cooking cannot but…again….sometimes (or most times), we want it fuss-free, and making full use of the oven. I also try to fully load the oven whenever I can! That seriously saves me lots of trouble!

  4. So light yet so full of flavours! I love it.

  5. Hi, i have been following this recipe a few times and i love it. Tonight i am adding prawn.. turns out the prawns take a little bit longer to cook than the scallops so i let them in the oven a little longer (about 3-4 mins) luckily the scallops are not overcooked
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe :)
    Btw, a few tips from me for other who wants to follow this recipe:
    – don’t leave out the parmesan. The cheese gives a “body” for the pasta
    – more butter makes it tastier
    – i add a little sugar with the salt n pepper
    Not much to add. This recipe is as perfect as it is. Keep coming with more wonderful recipe

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  7. Hi, can I know where did you buy the oven safe casserole? I have been looking for a decent sized one. Thank you.

    • the one shown in the photos (with the word “delicious”) is from Daiso (Singapore). They have a small collection of bakeware. Look out for the oven safe sticker on the back of the casserole.

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