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Spinach with Baby Abalone

This is a 20-minute recipe for Chinese-style spinach with baby abalone. During Chinese New Year, I added canned baby abalones to spinach to make it a festive dish. Abalone is not a must in this recipe though. Since I cook this dish all year round, I usually serve the spinach with carrots, broccoli, or just on its own. The abalone can also be substituted with the more affordable canned pacific/razor clams or limpets.

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Phuay Leng (Chinese Spinach)

The spinach used is “phuay (puay) leng” (pictured above), where the leaves resemble western baby spinach (but at a fraction of the price). Simply cut the stems to shorter lengths and they are ready for use.  After cooking, both the leaves and stems are softly tender. The ease of preparation makes it my choice spinach to cook with these days. This recipe will work with local sharp or round spinach too, but you need to snap the stems to shorter lengths, pulling to discard the “strings” before cooking (to remove the woody texture of the stems).

Chinese Spinach with Baby Abalone Recipe

5 comments on “Spinach with Baby Abalone”

  1. This dish looks delicious indeed, very flavoursome, especially with the abalone.

  2. mmm baby abalone…can’t remember when I last had one…too long to remember. This looks superb!

  3. Yum! Abalone…I have not had it for a while…I like it how you prepared…simple and elegant…
    Have a great week Wiffy :)

  4. Love your high-class restaurant presentation :) Can see that you are such a meticulous person.

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