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Mushroom Bak Chor Mee (Mee Kia Tah Recipe)

This is a recipe for one of Singapore’s most popular and iconic hawker dishbak chor mee” aka minced meat noodles (肉脞面). While I have featured the recipe for fish ball bak chor mee, this is the other version with stewed mushrooms, minced pork, pork ball, pork liver and sliced pork.

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As compared to the fish ball version, there is slightly more work for this one as there are more variety of ingredients. The stewed mushrooms also take some time to stew, though the good news is that they keep well in the fridge for many days, and serve well as toppings for almost any soup noodle dish. I love both the fish ball and mushrooms versions equally and it totally depends on my mood that day. Since I used “mee pok” aka flat egg noodles the last time, I used “mee kia” aka thin egg noodles this time round. The home-cooked version means you can swop around the ingredients based on your time and ingredient availability. For instance, you can do fish balls with stewed mushrooms, omit the liver or even try the soup version of bak chor mee.

Bak Chor Mee Recipe
“Mee Kia Tah” – Before eating, remember to mix the noodles well to coat everything with the sauce.

Stewed Mushrooms (for Bak Chor Mee)
Stewed/Braised Mushrooms – Keeps well in the fridge, great for other dishes such as shredded chicken & mushroom noodles, even mee sua soup or a savoury topping for most Asian dishes!

Pork Liver, Sliced Pork, Minced Pork
Individual serving of pork liver, minced pork and sliced pork for each bowl of bak chor mee (Step B of the recipe)

Fish Ball Minced Pork Noodles Recipe
If you are looking for the other recipe for bak chor mee with fishballs, get the recipe here (or click on the photo above).

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  1. Dear Noobcook, I am an avid fan of your blog! I have tried numerous recipes, and always come back for more! One point about this recipe — I felt that 1 tbsp of sambal tumis was too much, it overwhelmed the flavor of the rest of the sauce, so I changed it to 1 tsp, and doubled the stewed mushroom & broth measurements. Turned out perfectly! It was hard work but totally worth it, especially that I can’t get local food in LA!

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  4. Tell me how to make the chillie for mee pork?

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