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Pumpkin & Pork Rice Vermicelli

This pumpkin & pork rice vermicelli (fried bee hoon) is a balanced one-dish meal with pumpkin, meat, cabbage, choy sum and noodles. I experimented by using my favourite Taiwanese shallot sauce as the base for the meat & sauce. The taste is fantastic :p

Pumpkin & Pork Rice Vermicelli Recipe

If you don’t eat pork, you can substitute it with mince chicken, or omit the meat for vegetarian version.

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Pumpkin & Pork Rice Vermicelli Recipe

Taiwanese Shallot Sauce

This is my bottle of shallot sauce, which is the same brand (Bull Head) as the famous sacha sauce. In this dish, the sauce is used to season both the meat and the noodles. I used to buy many bottles of this shallot sauce whenever I travel to Taiwan. Nowadays, since Sheng Siong has started to import this, I no longer need to stock up on them when I’m overseas. This shallot sauce is a great discovery for me, because I frequently do a meal prep dish of my favourite shallot meat sauce with it. I’ll make a video recipe for that at the end of the year.

4 comments on “Pumpkin & Pork Rice Vermicelli”

  1. I love anything with pumpkin! Can’t wait for the season arrive here. The vermicelli looks satisfying and very moreish.

  2. This is so delicious and satisfying, cos I made it before and it taste so good! The shallot sauce is new to me though.

  3. Which brand of instant meehoon is good? I saw from ntuc A1 brand instant meehoon which is convenient to use. Or the chilli brand but with a huge packet type? Which is better ?

    • I like the big packet with 2 chillis. A1 is more convenient, although the texture is slightly more breaky when cooked.

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