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Tempeh Cabbage Curry

I made a variant of curry cabbage once a week for meal prep nowadays. This is my version of curry cabbage with tempeh, which is fermented soybean in a cake form. Tempeh is a staple in Malay cuisine in Singapore (& South East Asia). At home, we love the rich, deep, earthy, nutty flavour of tempeh so I started cooking with it often.

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Tempeh is really filling, so whenever we are eating a meatless home-cooked dinner, we often serve this as the only dish with cooked rice. Any leftovers will then become a side dish the next 2 days. The density of the tempeh pieces absorbed the curry gravy well. For meal prep, this curry keeps well for up to 3 days in the fridge. Keep the curry in a non-staining & non-reactive food container (such as one made of glass). Reheat on the stove until bubbling hot before serving.

This is tempeh. I always buy mine at Sheng Siong as it is inexpensive and authetic (wrapped in banana leaf). You can use both the raw version (white) or the fried ones for this curry. Some people say that the taste is improved with using fried ones. However, I find no difference in the tempeh in my curry whether I use raw or fried tempeh. I only use fried ones when I have leftovers from making a big batch for my salad toppings. Look out for the next recipe on how to deep fry tempeh easily without splatters.

2 comments on “Tempeh Cabbage Curry”

  1. I can’t remember when I last had some tempeh. This looks so delicious and packed full of nutrients too.

  2. I also add tempeh to stews or similar-style curry-like dishes :P and I never bother to fry them too.

    You know? The only tempeh dish I ever tried and had in SG was from the Malay (and sometimes Nasi Padang) stalls – spicy tempeh with long (or French) beans! A must-order for me . You can try making them.

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