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Insanely Hot Chilli Padi Dip

When I name my recipes, I’m always unimaginative and factual. Call a yam rice, yam rice and a chocolate lava cake, chocolate lava cake. With the same principles in mind, I am naming this dip an “insanely hot chilli dip” because that is exactly what it is. This chilli sauce is really potent because it is primarily made up of seeds-on chilli padi (bird’s eye chili).

Chilli Padi Dip
Dipping shabu shabu meat slices in this spicy chilli padi sauce

It is so hot that it is almost mindless – even though my nose was running and my eyes were tearing from dipping my foods in it (not a pretty sight), I still persisted because it is so shiok (Singapore slang; satisfaction for eating something yummy). I love to make this easy chilli dip for steamboat, specifically for dipping shabu shabu meat slices.

Want to try it out but can’t take the heat? You can de-seed the chilli (wear disposable plastic gloves to prevent chilli burn) and it will be manageable. I did that once and my guests do not find this chilli dip spicy at all. But if you leave the seeds on, and increase the number of chilli padi used, I dare say this dip is not for the faint-hearted. You can adjust the heat of the dip by adjusting the number of chilli padi used (the more the hotter), and so I think the heat meter has no limit. My fiery threshold is 10-12 chilli padi (with a box of tissue next to me), what is yours?

Hot Chilli Padi Dip Recipe

Good news for chilli lovers – chilli is said to contain high levels of Vitamin C and can boost metabolism rate.

56 comments on “Insanely Hot Chilli Padi Dip”

  1. You’re a woman after my own heart! I’ve never been defeated by chile, and I love how it immediately clears your head.

  2. Hi wiffy,

    Yes this is wonderful dip. it so great to go with steam boat.(i did it and really love it)

    I even cooked the drunken prawn from your recipes. Wow! is really wonderful and i go with the dip. shiok! You will never had enough for only 10 prawns. Ha! ha! ha! Thank you for all the recipes and i not worry how to cook with the food in my fridge.he he …

    I like to know more about thermal magic cooker as i had one at home which different brand. I was told to put all the ingredients into the inter-pot and cook in high heat and let it boil for 10-20min then put it into the external one(am i right?). Not like we used to cook soup, take about 1-2hr in low heat after it boil.

  3. instead of blending, could i chop or mince up the chili padi and garlic finely then add the rest of the ingredients? Might be less hot

  4. Hi Wiffy, you really like ur fiery chilli :-) I must try ur recipe with steamboat one day. I do blend my own chilli too, though I do add a few normal chilli ( maybe 1 large to 20 Padi?), ginger and a bit of sugar ( else it’s too bitter). I would make a lil bottle and serve some with lime at every meal. Shiok! When cooking chicken rice, I would use this chilli and add sesame oil, soya sauce :-) how can anyone eat without chilli :-)

    • sounds good and glad to meet another chilli lover. For chicken rice chilli, I like to add chicken stock to blend with some garlic … really resembles those at chicken rice stall!

  5. Just love your recipe. You made cooking sounds so simple. Will be trying a few of your recipes soon.

    In your directions point 1, what does “pulse” means?

    • Hi Eileen, thanks. Just blend it for a few seconds until the texture is to your liking. Will change the wording.

  6. perhaps i can add more pervert to your insanity lol. try add in some fried dry chilli and 1 teaspoon of wasabi :O

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