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Silver Fish Omelette

This is a homely recipe for silver fish omelette (银鱼蛋) that’s whipped up with very few ingredients, and goes well with both porridge and rice. You can add tomatoes, onions or carrots to the beaten egg mixture to make it more sumptuous, but this basic version will work well any day, especially when the fridge is low on supplies.

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Silver Fish Omelette Recipe
I had my silver fish eggs with brown rice porridge (in the background).  If served with rice instead, I will dab the egg with some homemade sambal or cincalok chilli for more flavour.

Silver Fish Omelette Recipe

Silver Fish (White Bait)

Silver fish, in this recipe, is also known as whitebait. Of course, it’s not to be confused with that household bug with the same name (eeks). “Silver fish” (literally translated from the Chinese name “银鱼”) is simply how this edible fish is usually labelled locally. Pictured above is my plate of cleaned raw silver fish, before seasoning. I bought a 150 grams pack from the supermarket which is conveniently thawed from frozen. The thawed version can be brought from Sheng Siong and Mahota supermarkets. My recipe uses one small packet of silver fish with 4 eggs. I admit that the fish looks very scary in this state with the creepy eyes, so much so that I need my family’s help to marinade them. If you have the same problem as me, buy smaller ones and they will be easier on the eye to handle.

2 comments on “Silver Fish Omelette”

  1. I miss those silver fish! The omelette looks really tasty.

  2. The whitebait I get here are much smaller than what you have here. Or is it just the zoom-in effect that is playing tricks with my eyes? But I have no doubt they are so good when prepared with eggs in an omelette.

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