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Chinese Spinach Macaroni Soup

This Chinese spinach macaroni soup is made with my spinach, pork & century egg soup recipe as a base. I’ve been really busy so it means more one-dish meals and falling back on past recipes for our meals.

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Chinese Spinach Macaroni Soup Recipe
With macaroni (main carb), mince (meat), spinach (veg) & century egg, this is as balanced a one-dish meal as can be. The Chinese spinach leaves (苋菜) require only a minute in the boiling soup, so they are still fresh & vibrant when cooked. I bought a 250g packet of Chinese round spinach for only 95 cents and made this recipe for 2 (up to 3) persons. With generous heaps of of spinach in my bowl, this is another “high CP” dish on our dinner table :)

Chinese Spinach Macaroni Soup Recipe
You can replace macaroni with your favourite noodles, such as tang hoon, bee hoon or angel hair. This dish is so delicious, homely and easy to pull off! If you prepare the ingredients the night before (e.g. pluck & wash the veggies, marinate the meat etc), you can whip this up effortlessly and quickly when you reach home after work.

One comment on “Chinese Spinach Macaroni Soup”

  1. One-dish is absolutely the way to go for busy days, even for not-so-busy days :p Love this with lots of Chinese spinach too but it is not easy to get 苋菜 and this dish , IMO, tastes so much better with 苋菜 (less “metallic” taste) than the other spinach varieties.

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