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Chicken Macaroni Soup

Nothing beats comfort food like a bowl of home-made chicken stock, sans MSG and preservatives. I do love the convenience of ready-made chicken stock and I use them in my cooking often, but I can taste the difference between home-made chicken stock and store-bought ones with one sip.

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So whenever I have time, I will brew my own chicken stock which to me, is the ultimate indulgence. Home-made chicken soup is an instant pick-me-up for those who are always tired or sick/recuperating from sickness. With the home-made chicken stock, I added cooked macaroni, shredded chicken and vegetables for a healthy one-dish meal of chicken macaroni soup. If you have leftover stock, you can refrigerate or freeze them for use in your cooking.

Chicken Macaroni Soup

I simmered the soup for 2 hours on the stove top and leave it in the thermal pot for a few more hours (so that it can continue to slow cook on its own, without any electricity or gas), but you can also use a slow-cooker or pressure-cooker to ease the process.

10 comments on “Chicken Macaroni Soup”

  1. I love this classic- it’s a no fail! Nowdays, I don’t have it with macaroni anymore but add more cauliflower or other veges for a hearty dish!

  2. I am so under the weather that this would be so comforting…..

  3. Hi Wiffy, does ntuc sell chicken bones, never see before

  4. I need this as I am sick with cough. Make myself some porridge instead.

  5. I agree with every word you say about chicken macaroni soup! My ultimate comfort too!

  6. I can’t agree more that this is a all time comfort soup. And I should not have left my same bottle idle : ).

  7. I will definitely make pasta in soup for breakfast whenever I have leftover ABC soup from last night dinner.

  8. Hello, may I know why you suggest simmering the soup on the stovetop for 2 hours before putting it in thermal pot for a few more hours? Would the soup be less tasty if only on the stovetop for e.g. 20min and kept in the thermal pot for 4-6 hours? Thank you – love your site!

    • Hi, you can shorten it to about 30-40 mins, before putting in the thermal pot. I personally think the flavours only start coming out from the 40 mins point onwards.

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