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One-Pan Omelette (Mince Pork, French Beans)

This is a one-pan omelette with mince pork and french beans. I do everything in the same pan – frying the pork & French beans, steaming the egg and serving.  I call this cooking style ‘lazy’ (but so efficient!)  Check out the ingredients & step-by-step photos on this page.

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One Pan Omelette Recipe (Egg Mixture)
The egg mixture consists of eggs, dashi powder, light soy sauce & white pepper powder.

One Pan Omelette (Mince Pork) Recipe
The marinated mince pork (or chicken) is chilled in the fridge for at least 15 minutes and up to overnight.

Thinly Diced Carrot
Thinly diced carrot. I make several shavings of carrot with a vegetable peeler, stack them together and dice.

French Beans, Garlic, Spring Onions

French beans (thinly sliced), minced garlic & chopped spring onions.


One-Pan Omelette (Mince Pork) Step 1
Heat oil in pan, stir fry marinated mince pork …

One-Pan Omelette (Mince Pork) Step 2
… until almost cooked on surface. Add French beans and garlic.

One-Pan Omelette (Mince Pork) Step 3
Stir fry until the meat is fully cooked on surface. Spread them out evenly across the pan.  Then run the egg mixture through a sieve onto the pan contents.

One-Pan Omelette (Mince Pork) Step 4
Scatter carrot over the egg.

One-Pan Omelette (Mince Pork) Step 5
Cover with lid and steam for a few minutes until the egg surface is fully cooked.

One Pan Omelette (Mince Pork) Recipe
Garnish with lots of spring onions. Loosen the edges of the egg with the spatula. Slide it out onto a plate or …

One Pan Omelette (Mince Pork) Recipe
… Serve it straight from the pan. Cut the omelette to bite-sized pieces using a spatula.

2 comments on “One-Pan Omelette (Mince Pork, French Beans)”

  1. Fuss free and delicious recipes are always a bless. This looks really tempting and moreish.

  2. Telepathy! I made french beans omelette too…yes, recently since I have not made this dish for a while already..

    The “hardest” (time-consuming) part must be the dicing and mincing of the carrots and french beans, right?

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