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Tomato Egg Drop Soup

This Chinese tomato egg drop soup (番茄蛋花湯) only requires 15 minutes to make. This recipe is awesome because it uses only water and tomatoes to form the soup base (no chicken stock). It is light-weight, nutritious and delicious. I learnt this recipe from YouTube and filled in on the measurements. This soup is great to make when the pantry is low on fresh foods, as it requires only a few ingredients. When I am eating low-carb, I will have the whole pot of soup to myself as a light meal.

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Tomato Egg Drop Soup Recipe

Tomato Egg Drop Soup Recipe
The tomatoes make all the difference in this dish, so always use ripe & sweet tomatoes to draw out the most umami deliciousness from them. Using vibrantly coloured (bright red or orange) tomatoes will also enhance the aesthetics of this soup.

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