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Chinese Oyster Soup

Fresh oysters are aplenty and cheap in Taiwan. I bought a small tray of oyster meat (150g) at a local supermarket for NT$58  to make this super quick & fresh Chinese oyster soup (蚵仔湯). This soup is clear and light, amplifying the natural goodness of fresh oysters.

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Oysters cook very fast. Don’t overcook them or they will become shrunken and chewy. So this oyster soup can be made in 15-minutes flat (from start to finish), with only a few basic Chinese cooking ingredients.

Fresh oysters sold at a Taipei supermarket
This is the tray of oysters I bought from the local PX Mart. On the top right of the packaging is a recipe (in Mandarin) for oysters soup. I followed the recipe and it works! I filled in the weight of the ingredients and cooking time which is lacking in the instructions, and this is how this recipe come about. Back home, without fresh oysters at the markets, one can easily substitute with thawed frozen oysters to make this soup.

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  1. oysters are so good for us! Haven’t had this soup in ages…

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