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Chinese Clam Soup

Clams (and seafood in general) are cheap, fresh and in abundance here in Taipei. This Chinese clam soup (蛤蜊湯) with ginger is a warming soup suitable for the cool rainy days in Taipei now, yet it is also very refreshing and light-tasting for hotter season.

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This soup is fast to make with only a few ingredients, which is just the right dish for me to cook since my kitchen in Taipei is limited. Even though the soup looks clear and light-bodied, the umami depth from the clams is rich. It is also a very buildable recipe: I love to add squash or melon chunks to my bowl of clam soup.

Chinese Clam Soup Recipe

Fresh Taiwanese Clams
These are the clams I used for this recipe, after they are cleaned and de-gritted. Soak fresh clams in a bowl of salted water for 1-2 hours, until the sand & grit are purged out. Discard the water, rinse the clams and they are ready to use.

3 comments on “Chinese Clam Soup”

  1. So very fresh and delicious! One of my favourite summer soups.

  2. As you are in TW , your clam soup reminded me of one of my favorites 蛤蜊锅 clam soup pot* that I enjoyed in TW. A whole pot of clams with lotsa ginger and green onions! So yummy yummy umami!:P (though I know it is much cheaper to cook at home)

    * (they are usually available in those restaurants/eateries serving 花雕鸡 e.g. http://www.1ping.com.tw/menu.php#colorcategory0 , https://www.25772745.com.tw/page/news/show.aspx?num=43&kind=14&page=1

    • thanks for your recommendations, will check it out :)

      I’ve been eating mostly at local eateries since I’m living in a local district. & Japanese food & burgers (lol). Not yet stepped into a Taiwanese restaurant :p 

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