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Stir-fry Beef & Vegetables

This stir-fry beef & vegetables is a sumptuous side dish to have on the dinner table. Recently, I’m into cooking a big plate of side dish with both meat and veggies in it. Forget about “3菜1汤” (3 dishes and 1 soup), all I need is some cooked rice to go with it for dinner to be ready.

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Stir-fry Beef & Vegetables Recipe

The Veggies. With beef as the main protein, I want more vegetables to balance all that meat. Broccoli makes up the main bulk of the vegetables, because we all know that broccoli and beef is like a match made in heaven. For the rest of the vegetables, I am basically clearing my fridge by adding bell peppers, carrots & baby corn. You can vary the veggies (though I will still recommend broccoli as the main veg) with whatever you fancy.

Stir-fry Beef & Vegetables Recipe
Cut of Beef. For the first time, I tried the rump cut for stir-frying and it was so good! The cut was really cheap at my supermarket and I bought them already sliced. The cooked beef turned out so tender! Another budget cut to buy is beef flank. If want to enjoy more premium cuts, you can get ribeye, sirloin or tenderloin.

Pack leftovers for lunch. It’s worthwhile to cook more with the intention for meal prep. I had the most sumptuous lunch box to bring to work for the next two days. Check out the meal prep recipe for this dish.

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  1. I LOVE beef and eat them almost daily…the stirfry looks heavenly with those healthy veggies.

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