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Ipoh Hor Fun

This is the dry recipe for Ipoh hor fun, aka hor fun (Asian flat rice noodles) with mushrooms, shredded chicken, prawns and greens. This is a very balanced and filling one-dish meal with a bit of everything (noodles, mushrooms, meat, seafood and vegetables) all on the same plate. Don’t forget to serve it with some home-made pickled green chilli!

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Unlike our local style hor fun, Ipoh hor fun does not have a beaten egg added to the gravy. Additionally, the noodles used for Ipoh hor fun are a thinner variety of our local kway teow, and you can buy it from the wet markets or local supermarkets. I bought mine from the supermarket, namely the “Kang Kang” brand with the cute monkey mascot. This particular brand does not need refrigeration (unless it’s already opened), so keep the new sealed pack at room temperature. Once refrigerated, the noodles may hardened and break more easily when frying.

Ipoh Hor Fun Recipe

My hor fun gravy is not very dark in colour, as I am only using the mushrooms braising sauce (which has some dark soy in it) to season the chicken stock. If you want the typical darker colour gravy, you can add dark soy sauce to your preference.

Ipoh Hor Fun Recipe

10 comments on “Ipoh Hor Fun”

  1. I love love love this dish. You even have green chillies to go with it!

  2. Yum! Your hor fun looks so appetising. The pickled green chillies is a must with this dish. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Feeling hungry at this hour after seeing your plate of hor fun! :)

  4. You know me. Green chili is a must for such dishes. I think the color of the gravy is perfect. I don’t like it too dark anyway.

  5. this looks delicious, I need a lot of green chilli for this :D, gonna bookmark!

  6. Looks so appetizing! Those mushrooms are really meaty and delicious.

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  9. This looks soooooo good. As i grow older I really appreciate soupy noodles more and more! A recipe to def try:)

  10. Soup rice noodles are also delicious similar recipes, all delicious~

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