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Pickled Green Chilli

Pickled green chilli is an essential condiment companion to many Chinese dishes. It is such a common condiment that I almost took it for granted and it hardly even occured to me to make my own at home. And I am glad I finally did – because unlike making sambal chilli which requires time and effort, the pickled green chilli recipe is almost a no-brainer, cheap, fast and effortless. Best of all, the home-made version tastes fresher than store-bought ones, without any preservatives.

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Pickled green chilli is typically not as hot as regular chilli sambal, it tastes a tad sour, sweet and mildly hot, and it is an irreplaceable condiment for popular local dishes such as fried bee hoon, hor fun and shredded chicken noodles.

Pickled Green Chilli Recipe

The quantities stated in this recipe fill a 200ml glass bottle (which I bought from Daiso for $2). If you are wondering why I made such a small bottle, it is because this bottle is enough to last me for a few weeks, and the recipe is easy enough for me to make a fresh bottle any time I want, so I don’t see the need to make a big jar at a go. Feel free to multiply the quantities to make more according to your needs.

Rice Vinegar
And since home-made = wholesomeness (to me anyway), I highly recommend using real rice vinegar instead of imitation vinegar. They are cheap. My bottle above cost just under S$1.

Pickled Green Chilli Recipe

15 comments on “Pickled Green Chilli”

  1. It’s great to make your own pickled chilli as you know exactly what goes into it.

  2. hey wiffy

    are they crunchy?



  3. I was planning to make my own pickled green chili again too! I love pickled green chili. I even “smuggled” a bottle (store-bought, of course!) from Sg, back to US. It is not as if it can’t be found here but the store-bought ones in US typically use jalapeno, and I find that it tastes quite different from Asian green chili.

    I found a new way to use pickled green chili recently…kekeke…other than being a condiment. Maybe it is just a new way for me…..

    • Please share your new way of using pickled green chilli :) For me, I also add them to salads and sandwiches (subway style). I have a US friend who brings home bottles of SingLong pickled green chilli from SG. And I used to buy US imported pickled jalapeno for my sandwiches lol!~

  4. maybe thats why my pickled chilli doesn’t taste like hawker ones because im using artificial vinegar. better try it with rice vinegar. thanks for the info. :)

  5. Hi Wiffy, thanks for sharing…

  6. Love pickled chilli peppers! They are great as a filling with some braised pork belly for buns.

  7. Is it necessary to blanch with hot water ?

    • It’s mainly to kill bacteria before pickling, and also I find that it improves the crunch and colour. It’s optional though, you can skip this step if you want.

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  9. Can I use Apple cider vinegar instead?

  10. Why must blanch chilli. Can skip? 

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