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Chinese Pickles

This Chinese-style pickled vegetables is the perfect appetizer dish to complement any Chinese meal, and so unbelievably easy to make! Recently, we have been eating really simple at home on weekdays nights with only one Chinese soup of the day and rice.

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With no sumptuous side dishes, these humble pickled vegetables totally perk things up at the dinner table! The sour and sweet flavour makes it an excellent appetite booster. I learnt the tip about marinating and ‘sweating’ the cucumber for extra crunchiness from Little Corner of Mine (check out her delicious Pickled Radish, Cucumber and Carrot Recipe). My mix of ingredients is similar to our local acar – with cucumbers, shallots, pineapples and chilli padi.

Chinese Pickles

21 comments on “Chinese Pickles”

  1. Awesome share! Was wondering how much are those jars you bought? Are they or good quality?

    • Hi Emma, I bought them in Singapore. They are inexpensive, the smaller bottles are about S$2+ each, the bigger ones are S$3+ each if I am not mistaken. Yes, good quality and made in Italy.

    • Excellent…! Making these for the weekend crunch… =)

  2. It is absolutely delicious.

    My Central American friends finished the whole 1L jar.
    They asked for the recipe also.

    It will also go well with Saigon Sandwich.

    Great job!

  3. can i use brown sugar?

  4. how long can I keep it for?

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