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Steamed Three Eggs with Pork

Steamed three eggs (hen’s egg, century egg and salted egg) with pork is a savoury and homely steamed egg dish. I like to eat it with porridge. It is the meat version of the three colour eggs recipe. The layer of minced meat at the bottom complements the eggs well.

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If you don’t consume pork, you can replace it with minced chicken.

Steamed 3 eggs with pork recipe

Steamed 3 eggs with pork recipe

6 comments on “Steamed Three Eggs with Pork”

  1. I remember I used to have this for the lunch very often…miss those century eggs.

  2. Hi. I saw the posting on steamed three eggs with pork. May I asked you three questions?

    1) Usually I will put all the ingredients on the plate and steam it. Is it necessary to steam the minced pork first?

    2) Do we need to put a bit of water into the mixture before steaming it?

    3) Sometimes there are holes on the suface when the dish is cooked. How do I prevent this from happening?


    • 1) Do you find the pork collect a lot of water during steaming? I also find that the pork takes longer to cook than the egg. But if your method works for you, you should stick with it. Everyone has a different way of making this dish.
      2) Instead of plain water, I used chicken stock (recipe at page 2).
      3) Timing is really important. For holes, I think the steaming time is slightly too long. You can check out the tips at https://noobcook.com/steamed-egg-with-minced-pork/

    • Thanks for your notes. Yes i do find there’s some water on the surface when the dish is cooked. I’ll try your method instead.

  3. I like this homey dish too but it is hard to find 3 different kinds of eggs in my house at one same time, unless I intentionally buy those eggs which means I “die die” must make the dish if I just think of making this dish.

  4. Oh! I have not had steamed eggs for ages…and yours look awesome…I love the 3 kind of eggs in this dish…
    Thanks for the recipe Wiffy…hope you are having a great week :)

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