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Mum’s Chinese Pork Chops

Chinese-style Pork Chops Recipe

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These are my mum’s famous Chinese-style pork chops which is loved by my family. This recipe was passed down by my late grandmother (paternal side), which my mum made for more than 2 decades. For such good tasting food, the recipe is really simple. The pork chops tasted great on its own, even when cold. For leftovers, my mum will make an amazing hot and sweet tomato sauce to go with the cut slices.

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I can’t decide if I liked to eat it plain more, or with the sauce, so we usually have it both ways. This recipe was entirely cooked by my mum – I was merely documenting the recipe and taking photos. I asked my mum if she mind sharing our family “secret” recipe with others, and she said no problem, as good food is meant to be shared.

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Chinese-style Pork Chops Recipe (Step-by-Step) Tenderise each pork chop slice by pounding with the flat blade of the knife/chopper in a criss-cross pattern on both sides, until the pork chop is significantly thin. According to my mum, this is the most important step of the recipe.
Chinese-style Pork Chops Recipe (Step-by-Step) Marinade the pork chops in soy sauce and oyster sauce. Just before frying, coat the pork chops evenly in two egg whites.
Chinese-style Pork Chops Recipe (Step-by-Step) Coat each pork chop in a plate of bread crumbs.
Chinese-style Pork Chops Recipe (Step-by-Step) Heat a small amount of oil in a wok. Shallow fry pork chops, in batches, until golden on both sides, adding more oil to the pan whenever needed.
Chinese-style Pork Chops Recipe Serve pork chops uncut, sliced and/or with Chinese tomato (sweet and sour) sauce.

Since my brother moved out recently, I have started going home for dinner a few times a week to keep my mum company. It was also the first time in many years which she resumed regular, everyday cooking, and she is feeling enthusiastic about it. If you follow my updates on instagram and twitter, you can see my occasional postings on my mum’s cooking. For the past few years, I have been relying on verbal instructions from my mum on how to recreate her recipes, but from now on I get to learn my family favourite recipes from the chef herself and periodically share them on the site. 

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  1. Hi, how long we need to fry the pork?

    • Hi Jas, rather than the timing, it’s more accurate to look at the colour of the pork, as stoves differ in heat. Pan-fry on each side until golden as seen in the pictures.

  2. How to make the biscuit crumbs?

    • bread crumbs will be better than biscuit crumbs (as someone in IG commented that biscuit crumbs are drier). I have not made my own bread crumbs before, but I think u can pulse the bread pieces (the brown part; first and last piece of a loaf) in a food chopper.

  3. Hi. Any tips for the breadcrumbs to stick better? Mine kept falling off. Heehee.


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