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New Features on Noob Cook

Noob Cook (New Site)
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Noob Cook (New Site)

Happy 2014! I am thrilled to start the new year announcing Noob Cook’s new look. The newly designed site was launched in mid November, and the site ran for slightly more than a month to test out the features fully. Here is a list of the new features on the revamped Noob Cook site:

1) Magazine Style Layout

Noob Cook now has a magazine layout on the main landing page. Categories such as “Recipes“, “Ingredients“, “How-to” and “Beauty” etc, come with thumbnails so that readers can see new and recent content from different areas just by browsing the main page.

2) Save Recipe

Saving Recipes

Many readers have asked for the feature of saving their favourite recipes. This is now possible thanks to Ziplist, a FREE service which allows you to save recipes from any of their partner food sites, including Noob Cook, into your own personal “online recipe box”. Sign up for or access your ziplist account via the Recipe Box link on the top menu bar. Whenever you come across a recipe that you would like to keep, look for the “Save” button which is located on every recipe page on Noob Cook. This service enables you to access all your favourite recipes in your recipe box at anytime, and add the ingredients you need to your weekly shopping list with one click.

3) Printable Recipe

Printable recipe format can now accommodate more detailed instructions and sub-headings which make the recipe clearer to the reader. To keep the content concise and easy to browse, most recipes are organized into two pages. Page 1 of a recipe contains the introduction and/or the step-by-step photos. The printable format of the recipe is located on page two of the article. To print, look for the “Print” button located on page two of every recipe (ads will not print). More than 2/3 of the recipes are now in the printable format, while the remaining older recipes are still being progressively converted.

4) Pin It Button

Hovering over full-sized images will bring up a “Pin It” button, making it easy to pin your favourite recipes to Pinterest without having any plugins installed on your browser.

5) New Newsletter Format

The newsletter has a new look to match the new site design. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter to receive new recipe updates in your mailbox.

6) Visual Food Gallery

Clicking on the Recipes or any category index will bring you to a thumbnail gallery of all the recipes in that category.

7) Ingredients Search

You can now easily search for recipes by ingredients using the ingredient search page (Ingredients -> Search by Ingredient).

I hope that you will enjoy the new features of the site. Thank you for visiting Noob Cook and have a delicious new year! Happy cooking!

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  1. Happy New Year to you and your family!

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