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My Recipes on inSing.com: Easy Steamed Dishes

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Screenshot of my recipes on inSing.com

I wrote 3 new recipes (freelance assignment) for inSing.com’s feature on “easy steamed dishes”.

Check out the full story and the recipes:

Steamed Sake chicken
Steamed scallops with ginger & scallions
Steamed stuffed cabbage roll

I hope you enjoy them :)

20 comments on “My Recipes on inSing.com: Easy Steamed Dishes”

  1. I love love love steamed dishes! Did I mention in your cabbage soup post that I steamed cabbage recently? Yes, just cabbage – not cabbage rolls with stuffing. Sometimes, I think a little creativity can be sparked by laziness. Kekekke.

    Your cabbage looks very “green”.

    • I cannot stomach plain cabbage yet – a bit similar to my fear of beansprouts but slightly better. Need a lot of ingredients and seasonings to mask the taste. oh yea… I actually went shopping for the greenest cabbage I could find and found it at Giant :p

  2. Thanks everyone for your kind and encouraging comments!

  3. Im a big fan of Napa cabbage and steamed dimsum..
    It is like a super mashup! Im so glad you post this recipe..it is easy to make, very healthy..since my 5yo daughter hates deep fried food and her choice of veggies is limited to carrot, spinach, and broccoli.
    Thank you!

  4. Where can I buy scallop with shell? Do I need to scrub the shell? Thanks for introducing healthy food.

    • hi juhuacha, I bought mine at Giant hypermart, frozen section (do thaw before use). I did not scrub the shell, only blanch them in hot water, but you can if you want to :)

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