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Scallion Oil Noodles

This scallion oil noodles recipe is great for clearing leftover scallions (we call them spring onions here so I am going to use both terms interchangeably) in the fridge. The scallion noodles, coated in the aromatic scallion oil, are great to eat on their own or as a main carb in a salad bowl/lunch box.

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Scallion Oil Noodles Recipe
I am using Japanese somen on this day. It cooks in 2 minutes just like angel hair. You can use any type of noodles or pasta for this recipe.


Home-Grown Spring Onions (From Shallots)
I planted some spring onions using an old batch of shallots that started sprouting roots in the fridge. After two weeks, I had a small harvest of spring onions. Check out this tutorial on how to grow spring onions (scallions).

Home-Grown Spring Onions (From Shallots)
(Pictured Above) My home-grown scallions (bottom) are noticeably thinner (resembling chives) than those sold at the supermarket (top). At my new home now, I grew them on my kitchen window sill which only has partial sun. Nevertheless, though my home-grown scallions are thinner, they are tender & very fragrant.

Note: I did not harvest the white bottom ends (exposed bulb area) as the spring onions will continue to grow for a second smaller harvest. If you use the white ends of the spring onions, you can add them to the pan first before adding the green portion as per this recipe. If you want to add both the white & green portion to the pan at the same time, chop the white portion extra finely.


Chopped Spring Onions
Chop the spring onions (scallions) thinly.

Grated Ginger
Grate some ginger. The ginger is a really important component of this scallion oil.

Heat sesame oil & peanut oil on low heat in a saucepan. Add grated ginger and let it sizzle in the heat for about 30 seconds. You will smell the nice aroma of the ginger.

Add chopped spring onions and mix well. Turn off the stove.

Season to taste with MSG-free chicken seasoning powder (pictured above) & salt. The scallion oil should be slightly over-salted to taste good.


Cook somen (or any favourite) noodles in boiling water (pictured above). For somen, they cook in about 2 minutes, similar to angel hair. Drain in a colander and cool the noodles under running tap water. Don’t discard the somen cooking water yet.

Scallion Oil Noodles Recipe
Add noodles to a large bowl and spoonfuls of scallion oil and toss to coat evenly. If the noodles are too dry, just add some somen cooking water and more sesame oil to bind the noodles together.

Scallion Oil Shrimps
Besides noodles, this scallion oil can be used to coat other foods such as cooked shrimps and chicken.

Scallion Oil Shrimp & Somen Salad Recipe
I made this scallion shrimp and somen saladcheck out the recipe by clicking here.

3 comments on “Scallion Oil Noodles”

  1. I want that salad bowl!!!! So colourful and appetizing..Your spring onions are what I knew as a kid, the one we have here are so much chunkier.

  2. Nothing beats homegrown! This dish looks very simple and convenient when you only have time to whip up something simple.
    Have you tried growing sweet basil? Suprisingly easy to manage.
    Also will regrow once harvested.
    My spring onions are also super thin!

  3. I want that salad too! Looks so refreshing. My kind of food.

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