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Scallion Shrimp & Somen Salad

This scallion shrimp & somen salad tastes light & refreshing. It is fast to make, thanks to my stash of cooked frozen shrimps that I got from Don Don Donki. I simply just thaw the shrimps to put in the salad! Such a time saver is very welcomed in my kitchen!

Scallion Oil Shrimp & Somen Salad Recipe

Since I made scallion oil from my small harvest of home-grown spring onions earlier in the day, I coated the shrimps and somen noodles in the aromatic oil. I really missed eating poke salads and I plan to make poke recipes in future. So I took this chance to test out poke-toppings such as pineapple, avocado and edamame in my salad.

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Scallion Oil Noodles Recipe

I made some scallion oil, and coated cooked shrimps & somen noodles in them. You can check out the step-by-step recipe for the scallion oil & scallion noodles here.


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Instant Soba Sauce (Salad Dressing)

Scallion Oil Shrimp & Somen Salad Recipe

The next part is really fast and fun. Prepare a big plate of chopped salad greens (I used different types of lettuce), then top the salad with the scallion shrimp & somen, followed by the rest of the salad toppings. For the salad dressing, anything goes since it’s only for one pax (me!) –  I simply used instant soba dipping sauce. I also placed the scallion noodles that don’t fit in my main bowl on a side bowl to eat separately. Yum :)

2 comments on “Scallion Shrimp & Somen Salad”

  1. That’s a great combo of ingredients and nutrients. It’s light yet so flavourful and delicious. I look forward to more of your poke salad bowls!

  2. The fast and fun part is the relaxing part! Just assembling (with ingredients all prepped! already cut, already cooked). Enjoyment begins :) How I wish every meal can be fast and fun.

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