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Hong Kong Shrimp Roe Noodles

Shrimp roe noodles (蝦子麵; pronounced as “ha ji mian” in Cantonese) originated in Macau and is also available in Hong Kong. This is my must-eat dish whenever I visit these two places.

Shrimp Roe Powder

I was fortunate to get my hands on bottles of dried shrimp roe powder (after searching high and low) on my previous Hong Kong trip. Next time you are in Hong Kong, do look out for this prized ingredient to make this dish, as it’s not sold in Singapore (at least to my knowledge).

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In this recipe, the seasonings are minimal – only lard or shallot oil, soy sauce and shrimp roe powder! That is because the shrimp roe powder is already salty on its own, and full of umami flavour. This is almost as easy as making instant noodles! You can eat the noodles on its own, serve it with a simple vegetable side dish or wonton soup.

Hong Kong wonton noodles

For the longest time, I was unable to find the thin strands of wonton noodles (pictured above) that are characteristic of the ones served in Macau and Hong Kong. The ones sold in Singapore supermarkets are of the thicker variety. I accidentally stumble upon these fine wonton strands when I was buying my mooncake making supplies at Kwong Cheong Thye. I felt like I had won the lottery XD

Shrimp Roe Noodles Recipe
Remember to toss to coat the noodles thoroughly in the shrimp roe powder before tucking in.

12 comments on “Hong Kong Shrimp Roe Noodles”

  1. Yummy! I dare say this tastes as good as the ones served in Hong Kong eateries!

  2. Must be so umami with the shrimp roe. Simple but I cannot make leh (no shrimp roe!). Not sure if they sell it here but I am assuming a “no”

    • I think it’s quite difficult to find this outside of Macau/Hong Kong – even in HK, I searched the whole seafood street (supposedly where it’s sold) but couldn’t find. Got lucky at one of the bigger supermarkets. If you do travel to HK again, add it to your list as I think you will like the taste.

    • Lucky you! Which supermarket did you buy it from? I couldn’t find them in my recent trip to HK….

      Would you be interested in noodles with shrimp roe embedded in each strand? I bought such noodles from Kan Kee, located at 15 Peel Street (Central), cooked them and then topped with blanched green veggies and garlic fried with crab oil (also bought from HK – Hee Kee [the restaurant selling fried crabs in “typhoon shelter” style]. Yummy….

    • I bought it from City Super – you can read more about it here: https://noobcook.com/shrimp-roe-powder/

      Thanks for sharing – will check out the noodles and the crabs at Central in future. I did buy some shrimp roe noodles in HK before, but I find them too thick and personally preferred the thin wonton noodles that are used at the HK eateries :)

  3. This noodle dish sure sounds and looks delicious…especially great due to its simplicity…yum!
    Enjoy the rest of your week Wiffy :)

  4. where do I buy this “shrimp Roe powder” in HK? Do u know the name of the shop ?

  5. Did you recently buy this at city super? I looked at the one at IFC today but could not find it.

    Which section did you look at?

  6. Hi! Where did u get the noodles?? Would love to buy them! Btw ur recipes are great!

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