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Hong Kong Kailan in Shrimp Roe Powder

When I went to Hong Kong last month, I had a mission to find dried shrimp roe powder (虾子 or “Ha-Zi” in Cantonese) and by very good luck, I found it. Read more about shrimp roe powder here. One of the first dishes I made with this Macau/Hong Kong condiment is this easy Hong Kong kailan (gai-lan) in oyster sauce.

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Hong Kong Kailan Shoots

The Hong Kong Kailan Shoots (芥兰苗; pictured above) is briefly blanched in boiling water (less than 2 minutes) and then drizzled in a simple no-cook sauce before sprinkling with some toasted shrimp roe powder. The result looks gourmet and restaurant-quality, but only took me less than 15 minutes to make. I now have a theory that anything coated in this powder will be guaranteed delicious as the dried shrimp roe imparts an incredible salty umami goodness!

Shrimp Roe Powder
Toasted Shrimp Roe Powder

Hong Kong Kailan in Shrimp Roe Powder
Prepared kailan and shrimp roe powder for serving.

Hong Kong Kailan in Shrimp Roe Powder
Sprinkle the toasted shrimp roe powder over just before serving.

8 comments on “Hong Kong Kailan in Shrimp Roe Powder”

  1. What beautiful gloss on your Kailan :) but I don’t think I ever tasted anything with shrimp roe powder on it :( I must be missing out…much.

    So just what does shrimp roe powder taste like? most similar to? I cannot try, so only can imagine leh…

    • Oh, try it next time you are in Macau or Hong Kong! The shrimp roe tastes salty with a great umami kick (lack of vocabulary here). I think you will like it!

  2. I miss kailan! The shrimp roe powder is new to me. I bet it tastes wonderfully delicious.

  3. Oh Yum, the dried shrimp roe must be very flavorful!

  4. I love Kailan. Must check out your recipe with shrimp roe, something very new to me.

  5. Authentic and delicious, feels like eating in Hong Kong again.

  6. Where can I buy this in USA?

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