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Bacon Wraps Onigiri Lunch Box

I made this bacon wraps onigiri lunch box with my pan of simmered bacon wraps. This is a really fast and easy recipe! The contents keep well in room temperature for half a day and need not be reheated, if there is no access to the fridge or microwave in the office.

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Each Lunch Box Contains:

  • 5 bacon wrapped with pea sprouts or enoki
  • Seasoned pea sprouts and/or enoki. They line the bottom of the lunch box compartment holding the bacon wraps.
  • 1 mini sauce bottle to drizzle over the bacon wraps.
  • 3 small (6 cm) seasoned onigiri (Japanese rice balls).
  • For fruits, I used cherry tomatoes and blueberries.

Note: I’m using an Ikea 365+ rectangular 1 litre lunchbox. This recipes makes 2 lunch boxes.



Simmered Bacon Wrapped Veggies Recipe
These are my bacon wraps cooking in the pan. You can check out the step-by-step photos in my simmered bacon wrap recipe.

Simmered Bacon Wrapped Veggies Recipe
After the wraps are cooked, take them out, leaving behind the simmering sauce in the pan.

Simmered Bacon Wrapped Veggies Recipe

Simmered Bacon Wrapped Veggies Recipe

Cook some pea shoots and enoki in the remaining sauce. The seasoned veggies, cooked in the savoury simmering sauce, taste really good and take only about 1 minute of cooking. Who can say no to a super  quick and healthy veg side dish?

Simmered Bacon Wrapped Veggies Recipe

I lined one of a lunch box compartment (the one holding the bacon wraps) with the seasoned veggies.


I love onigiri in a lunchbox as it keeps well (at room temperature or in the fridge).  Remove cling wrap, reheat briefly in the microwave (less than a minute) and the warmed onigiri tastes like freshly made.

Shiso Konbu Onigiri Mix (Marimiya Brand)

This is the seasoned onigiri powder mix which I bought from Donki. This particular flavour is called “shiso konbu” (perilla kelp).


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Shiso Konbu Onigiri (Step-by-Step)

Shiso Konbu Onigiri (Step-by-Step)

Shiso Konbu Onigiri (Step-by-Step)

Shiso Konbu Onigiri (Step-by-Step)

Shiso Konbu Onigiri (Step-by-Step)

  • I’m using a small 6 cm onigiri mold purchased from Daiso. This recipe makes roughly 6 small onigiri for two lunch boxes.
  • Mix cooked short grain rice with the onigiri seasoning powder according to package instructions, until the seasoning is evenly distributed. Divide the seasoned rice into 6 equal portions.
  • Have a small bowl of water by the side. This is for moistening the mold, the spatula and your fingers to prevent the rice sticking to surfaces in contact.
  • Making the onigiri with a mold: Wet the spatula and fill the mold with one portion of rice. Cover the mold lid and press firmly to shape the onigiri. Release the mold cover and push out the onigiri. Remember to moisten the mold and spatula each time you make the onigiri.


Simmered Bacon Wrapped Veggies Recipe
Line one of the lunch box compartment with the seasoned pea shoots and/or enoki, then place bacon wraps on top.

Bacon Wraps Onigiri Lunch Box Recipe
Assemble the lunchbox along with a sauce bottle. Pour the sauce over the bacon wraps before eating.

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  1. Talk about the healthy and delicious lunch box! And it’s so beautifully made and arranged.

  2. I’ll be so jealous if I were your colleague! And maybe I’ll be “thick-skinned” and ask you to make this same lunch for me :P

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