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Onigiri Dumpling Lunch Box

This onigiri dumpling lunch box was really fast to make as I made it with supermarket conveniences:  a packet of onigiri seasoning, frozen dumplings and pre-shredded coleslaw cabbage. Yes it sounds lazy but this lunch box was really quick to make yet delicious!

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Onigiri Dumpling Lunch Box Recipe


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Devil Onigiri Seasoning Premix

  • As a cheat I used a packet of “devil onigiri” seasoning I bought from Don Don Donki. You can use any favourite onigiri seasoning mix. Generally, I use 160g cooked rice for every 10g of onigiri seasoning mix (varies from brand to brand), which yields 3 small onigiri for one lunchbox.

Steps for making the onigiri using a mold:

Onigiri Mold Step-by Step

Onigiri Mold Step-by Step

Onigiri Mold Step-by Step

Onigiri Mold Step-by Step

Onigiri Cling Wrapped for Lunch Box

  • I’m using a small 6 cm onigiri mold purchased from Daiso. This recipe makes roughly 6 small onigiri for two lunch boxes.
  • Mix cooked short grain rice with the onigiri seasoning powder, until the seasoning is evenly distributed. Divide the seasoned rice into 6 equal portions.
  • Have a small bowl of water by the side. This is for moistening the mold, the spatula and your fingers to prevent the rice sticking to surfaces in contact.
  • Making the onigiri with a mold: Wet the spatula and fill the mold with one portion of rice. Cover the mold lid and press firmly to shape the onigiri. Release the mold cover and push out the onigiri. Remember to moisten the mold and spatula each time you make the onigiri.
  • Wrap the completed onigiri tightly with cling wrap to preserve the freshness . Eat the onigiri cold (room temperature). Or microwave on LOW (cling wrap removed) for 30 seconds to warm it up before eating.
  • As the onigiri can be warmed up in the microwave, they can be prepared ahead the night before, which is what I’ll do the next time I make an onigiri lunchbox.


Frozen Supermarket Dumplings

Frozen Supermarket Dumplings
Instead of gyoza, I’m using Chinese frozen dumplings (pictured above; uncooked) for a change. They take slightly longer than gyoza as they are plumper, but otherwise the steps for pan-frying dumplings and gyozas are the same. For a simpler cooking method, you can actually cook them in a pot of boiling water until they float to the surface.


Prepack Coleslaw Mix

As a short-cut I used pre-shredded coleslaw cabbage, so the salad for my lunch box was somewhat instant. I place a small sauce bottle of low-calorie Japanese sesame dressing in each lunch box.


Onigiri Dumpling Lunch Box Recipe

I’m using an Ikea’s rectangular lunchbox measuring 22×17 cm. Each lunch box contains 3 onigiri, 6 dumplings and some shredded coleslaw cabbage. For the dressing, I have a small sauce bottle of kewpie half-calorie sesame (goma) dressing.

Onigiri Dumpling Bento Bag
And this is the ‘pretty ugly’ bento bag debut for this lunch box :p

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  1. So adorable! The rice wedges are so fun to make too.

  2. The dumplings look really plump! Howz skin to filling ratio ? I like 料多多thin-skinned dumplings

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