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Simple Pork Rolls Hot Pot

This simple pork rolls hot pot was made with shabu shabu sliced pork (you can use sliced beef as well). Shabu shabu pork/beef are thinly sliced meat that they cook in seconds in the boiling soup, which are perfect for hot pot. For a fun change, I wrapped my shabu shabu pork slices with vegetables & mushrooms, instead of the usual way of cooking them on their own. This is also a useful recipe when you do not have a lot of shabu shabu meat – I bought a small tray of 9 slices of Hokkaido shabu shabu white loin pork at Don Don Donki. The shabu shabu pork certainly looked more luxurious when they were wrapped with mushrooms and veggies!

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Pork Rolls Hot Pot Recipe
These days, I usually work from home in the mornings and go to the office in the afternoon. With this change, my new routine is to cook myself a sumptous and fast brunch in the morning. This pork rolls hot pot is just nice for 1-2 persons as a one-pot meal, and takes only 20 minutes!


Pork Rolls Hot Pot Ingredients

Here are the main ingredients in my pork rolls hot pot:

  1. Shabu shabu pork – I bought a small tray of Hokkaido white pork for this recipe. It is just nice for making pork rolls for 1-2 persons.
  2. The pork rolls are wrapped in pea shoots, mushrooms (enoki + hon shimeji) and spring onions. Just add appropriate amount of veggies/mushrooms to each slice of shabu shabu pork and roll it up tightly.
  3. Besides the pork rolls, there are napa cabbage, more mushrooms, an egg and Japanese scallions.
  4. I bought instant hot pot soup broth pack from Donki. I was curious to try it since such instant hot pot broths seem very popular these days. It’s a great short-cut since I have limited time to cook in the morning.
  5. Lastly, I added cooked chewy udon to the hot pot. This is optional. You can also eat the hot pot on its own or serve it with multigrain rice. I cooked the udon separately as my pot is full. You can add it directly to the pot if there is space in your pot.

Udon & Noodle Dipping Sauce
The final item to prepare is the hot pot dipping sauce. For the sauce recipe, I am using a mix of ponzu sauce, goma (sesame) salad dressing, sesame oil and chilli oil. It is an easy but delicious dipping sauce! The sauce can also double up as a noodle sauce for a bowl of dry udon noodles.


Pork Rolls Hot Pot - Lots of Napa Cabbage!
I used lots of napa cabbage as the base for my hot pot. I boiled the white portion of the napa cabbage for a few minutes as the first step of cooking (pictured above). Thereafter, add the rest of the hot pot ingredients, with the pork rolls last (at the top).

Pork Rolls Hot Pot Recipe

Tips for cooking the pork rolls: 

  • Make sure the pork rolls are not touching, otherwise they might stick together when cooked.
  • Do not overcook the pork rolls as the thinly sliced meat cooks very quickly. The pork rolls are done once the mushrooms are cooked. Overcooking will cause dry and tough meat.
  • In addition to wrapping the shabu shabu pork with pea shoots, spring onion & mushrooms, you can experiment with other veggies such as asparagus and bell peppers.

2 comments on “Simple Pork Rolls Hot Pot”

  1. The hot pot looks so delicious with those pork rolls!

  2. Hahha, luckily you said for a “fun change”. I almost wanted to say I would just dump everything in the hot pot and makan…lol

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