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One-Pan Kale & Eggs

This one-pan kale & eggs is perfect as a low carb breakfast, a light meal or a post-workout snack. It takes only 15 minutes on the stove to make. It’s fast, healthy and delicious. And yes, I’m still on momentum to cook one low-carb meal a day as a lifestyle change, to keep the weight in check :P

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One-Pan Kale & Eggs Recipe

I love my egg yolk runny, so I took the pan off the stove right after the egg white is set. You can dip the kale or bread in the yolk to soak up the runny yolk.  I serve it straight from the pan as they look best that way, plus it saves me from washing one more plate.

Kale Blend

This was the packet of kale I used. I was actually looking for spinach but they were not looking good that day. I seldom buy pre-cut vegetables but surprisingly this packet of kale was the freshest bag in the supermarket. But there is so little in the bag that I can only make a one-person portion. Feel free to cut up more kale and cook it in a bigger pan for larger servings to share on the table.

2 comments on “One-Pan Kale & Eggs”

  1. I love eggs and had 5 today :-)

  2. OMG! I like that you said it is “snack” because this is exactly what I would want it to be. And really? …..”seldom buy pre-cut vegetables” – we are so alike! Me too, but sometimes will still buy lah (for reasons you already know…lol) …休息为了“煮”更长远

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