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Milky Mushroom Medley

This “milky mushroom medley” is an assortment of fresh mushrooms, simmered in a delicious milky mushroom broth. It is a variant of my family’s favourite shiitake mushroom stew recipe using seasonal mushrooms and full cream evaporated milk. The evaporated milk gives the mushroom broth a natural, slightly creamy touch and a richer flavour, as compared to using regular fresh cow or soy milk.

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Milky Mushroom Medley Recipe

Milky Mushroom Medley Recipe (Step-by-Step)
In a wok pan, heat up butter, olive oil, shallots and garlic…

Milky Mushroom Medley Recipe (Step-by-Step)
… as well as dried Italian seasoning.

Milky Mushroom Medley Recipe (Step-by-Step)
Add assorted fresh seasonal mushrooms (I’m using a mix of hon shimeji, shiitake and button mushrooms) + garlic salt.

Milky Mushroom Medley Recipe (Step-by-Step)
Stir-fry until mushrooms start to soften & evenly coated in the butter (this is the early stage).

Milky Mushroom Medley Recipe (Step-by-Step)
When the mushrooms are shrunken, add mushroom stock and simmer (covered) for a few minutes until tender. This is the start, before I covered my wokpan with lid.

Milky Mushroom Medley Recipe (Step-by-Step)
When mushrooms are tender, season to taste (you may need more water or salt). Lower heat and add full cream evaporated milk until the desired milkiness is reached. I seldom buy fresh cream or heavy cream, because it is expensive here >_< You can substitute the evaporated milk with regular fresh milk, heavy cream (for thick and creamy) or soy milk (for vegan-friendly).

Milky Mushroom Medley Recipe
Sprinkle chilli flakes, chopped parsley & freshly cracked pepper. Serve with cooked macaroni (I mixed into the stew) and/or bread to soak up all the delicious milky broth.

2 comments on “Milky Mushroom Medley”

  1. I love all sorts of mushrooms! This is a perfectly healthy and delicious treat for me.

  2. 这么美味的佳肴,我两口就会把它吃完, 哈哈

    That’s the problem with mushrooms…they cook down quite a lot…..:O

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