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Greek Yoghurt Coleslaw

This creamy Greek yoghurt coleslaw recipe is low carb, mayo free and takes only 15 minutes. It is made with keto-friendly Greek yoghurt instead of the usual mayonnaise and it tasted really good.

Recipe for Leftover Raw Coleslaw Mix:
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Greek Yoghurt Coleslaw Recipe

I have been lazy lately. With many good food delivery promos, we have been ordering pizzas and sushi rolls on weekends. All I need to do is to make a big serving of salad to compensate for the lack of greens in our takeaway meals and I instantly feel less guilty about all that delicious junk food :P


Prepack Coleslaw Mix

Prepack Coleslaw Mix
As a short-cut, you can use a pre-packed coleslaw mix. The packet I bought contained 99% shredded white cabbage. But that’s okay. I use that as the base for the coleslaw and will be adding on my own red cabbage and carrot for colour.

Cabbage Peeler
Shred cabbage thinly with a cabbage peeler (pictured above; I got this from Daiso), a mandolin or by knife.

Zig Zag Carrot Peeler
Shred carrot using a zig-zag vegetable peeler (pictured above), a mandolin or by knife.


Greek Yoghurt Mini Tubs
This is Greek yoghurt. I always buy the mini tubs as shown above as they keep well in the fridge as long as they are sealed. I use them by the tub(s) in my recipe measurements (such as my overnight oat recipes) for convenience.

Greek Yoghurt Coleslaw Dressing
In a bowl, add 1 mini tub Greek yoghurt, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, zero-calorie syrup or honey) and garlic salt.

Walden Farms Zero Calorie Pancake Syrup
P.S. This is the zero-calorie pancake syrup I used as a replacement for honey.

Greek Yoghurt Coleslaw Dressing
Mix well until the dressing is smooth and well combined. Season to taste. For me, the coleslaw should be slightly sweet with a tinge of tangy.


Greek Yoghurt Coleslaw Salad (Step-by-Step)
In a large bowl, add shredded cabbage and carrot.

Greek Yoghurt Coleslaw Salad (Step-by-Step)
Pour the coleslaw dressing over …

Greek Yoghurt Coleslaw Salad (Step-by-Step)
… and mix well until the coleslaw is well coated. For best results, refrigerate for a few hours until chilled before serving. Sitting in the fridge for a few hours before serving (up to overnight) makes the taste and consistency more coleslaw-like & delicious.

2 comments on “Greek Yoghurt Coleslaw”

  1. I love coleslaw and Greek yoghurt tastes so good with almost everything! Next time when I am having some junk food, I will have to add something healthy so I could enjoy more without feeling too guilty. LOL

  2. When I made Greek yogurt coleslaw last time, only added yogurt and can’t recall if I tasted any “sweetness” in the dressing. Yours is much more nuanced with tangy and sweet.

    Guess what? I hv been doing a lot of food delivery (self pick-up option) on weekends too. Depending on how lazy I am, sometimes I don’t bother to do extra veggie dish but when I do, also make sure it is super-simple and something that does not require turning on stove. :P

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