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Claypot Tofu

Claypot tofu (煲仔豆腐) is a favourite local tze char dish. It’s easy to cook and makes a healthy one-dish casserole to serve with rice.

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I have cooked various versions of this claypot dish: meatless (this recipe), with seafood (such as prawns, squid and scallop) or with meat (such as shabu shabu pork, chicken or roast pork) depending on my mood.

Claypot Tofu Vegetables Recipe
For best results, add the fried tofu to the casserole of cooked vegetables only when ready to serve so that the tofu won’t be soggy from soaking in the gravy too long.

Fried Tofu
The deep-fried tofu is my favourite part of the dish. To me, the vegetables are the supporting cast!

Claypot Tofu Vegetables Recipe
This recipe is a good chance to clear the fridge of assorted vegetables and mushrooms.

3 comments on “Claypot Tofu”

  1. Light yet full of flavour! My kind of food!

  2. Haha, you shd know me too! My kind of food and meal. When I dine alone esp. outside, this is the kind of dish I will order as well – one pot with everything, then plus steamed rice. Complete!

  3. You just reminded me that I own a couple of clay pots, but somehow never used…I will definitely try this tofu recipe…looks delicious with the vegetables.
    Hope you are having a great week Wiffy :)

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