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XO Sauce Scallops

This XO sauce scallops is a homely and gourmet treat at the same time. Pairing large scallops with premium XO sauce is always a treat on the dinner table.

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XO Sauce

XO Sauce is a gourmet Cantonese seafood sauce made up of dried scallops & dried shrimps among other ingredients, and it can be eaten on its own as a condiment or used in stir-fries. Whenever I need to wok something in a hurry, I used XO Sauce as the base and I will most certainly be ensured a restaurant-quality and luxurious Chinese dish with minimum effort and preparation. I love XO Sauce and I truly believe that every cook into Chinese cooking should have a bottle in the kitchen. Even though a bottle of XO Sauce is pricey (about S$20 a bottle) due to the dried scallops, a little goes a long way in cooking. Dishes with XO Sauce are premiumly priced at Chinese restaurants, so a dish with XO sauce is much cheaper when cooked at home.

Perfectly Seared Scallops Recipe
For best results, use large scallops for this recipe. You can get the Canadian scallops or Hokkaido scallops from the local supermarkets. Pat dry them on paper towels before adding to the wok.

Ingredients (XO Sauce Scallops)
Other complement to this stir-fry: carrot, snow peas, ginger and celery.

31 comments on “XO Sauce Scallops”

  1. Oh yes, that brand of XO sauce is pricey. It’s pricey here too and it’s about the same price. Your scallops look delicious!

  2. Ooooh, a big WOW from a big scallops fan!:) XO sauce or not, I am already loving this dish!
    I do want to be at your house for dinner, hehehehe ;)

  3. I do love stopping by your space… everything is some homely here… 有回到家的感觉!

  4. Any particular brand of XO sauce is good?

    • Hi shirley, you can try Lee Kum Kee brand.

    • hi,
      been looking high n low but don’t see any LKK XO sauce. Am I looking in the wrong places? So far, only tried local supermart n NTUC. Pls advise.

      Thks. By the way, love your website…been following it since my KL days

    • Hi ivy, thanks for your kind words. I see it all the time at NTUC (maybe the one you go to is a smaller outlet?). I got mine at Giant hypermart though because it came with a small jewellery box gift.

  5. I have marked this down as a must try recipe!

  6. Hi, is corn starch same as corn flour?

  7. Hi, at which stage do I need to add water & how much?

  8. Hi wiffy, I’m planning to try this dish out as i’m a big fan of scallops :) Just a quick qn, issit necessary to add the celery? Cos I’m not too fond of the taste of it. Will it affect the overall taste of the dish?

  9. Hi
    Thanks for the wonderful recipes in your website!

    I noticed that you don’t use garlic for Stir-fry Scallops with XO Sauce Recipe. Please advise…

    Thank you.


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