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Steamed Chicken Foil Packet

This is a recipe for Chinese steamed chicken foil packet. It is easy to make and just as easy to clean up. You can serve it as an individual portion (only needing a bowl of rice to go with it) or for sharing as a side dish. If you are not comfortable with aluminium foil, you can use parchment paper like in my fish in a bag recipe.

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Steamed Chicken Foil Packet Recipe
The chicken is moist, and the broth naturally rich after steaming.

Steamed Chicken Foil Packet Recipe


Steamed Chicken Foil Packet Recipe
Prepare a large sheet of foil. Place aromatics (onion, spring onion, ginger and garlic) in the center.

Steamed Chicken Foil Packet Recipe
Place chicken leg on the aromatics, and rub sesame oil on the skin. Scatter bell peppers and shiitake mushrooms around the chicken. Pour soy sauce and rice wine over the contents.

Steamed Chicken Foil Packet Recipe
Scatter cubed butter over the contents …

Steamed Chicken Foil Packet Recipe
… as well as the hon shimeji mushrooms.

Steamed Chicken Foil Packet Recipe
Make the foil packet by folding in the edges lengthwise over the chicken, followed by the two sides.

Steamed Chicken Foil Packet Recipe
This is what the foil packet looks like. Place it on a steaming plate and steam at high heat for 30 minutes. After this pic was taken, I covered the steamer with lid. If you make more than one, you can steam them together in a larger steamer, or steam in batches.

Steamed Chicken Foil Packet Recipe
When opening the packet, be careful of hot steam. Spoon the soup over the chicken to keep it moist, garnish with spring onions and serve. So good with rice!

First published in Nov 2007, updated in Jan 2019.

13 comments on “Steamed Chicken Foil Packet”

  1. U better get a job as a chef where all your creations will be enjoyed by many…

  2. wooo… this looks yummy. Yeah, not heaty without the chinese herbs.

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  4. Looks so simple, convenient and yummy!
    But… Recent health recommendations suggests not to allow food to be in touch with aluminium foil when it’s being heated as aluminium may leach during heat. Side effects of aluminium includes weak bones and Alzheimer’s. What’s your take on this?

  5. This looks super duper fresh, delicious and HEALTHY too. Definitely my kind of meal.

  6. Can we omit the butter? My hubby is not a big fan of oil/butter, just wondering if the taste is significantly compromised.

  7. What is the best veggie substitute if i dont like all kinds of mushrooms?

  8. ALL of the recipes on your blog that I have tried, whether they were original, modified, “healthy,” indulgent, borrowed, created, or whatever have been awwweeessommeeeeee! I’m saying it because as a LONG time reader.

  9. Hi! Super loving your recipes and your site is always my first go to. I’m looking to make freezer meals and I like this recipe. Do you think it freezes well after I pack? And steam it after I thaw for a day?

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