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Foil-Wrapped Ginseng Chicken

Steamed ginseng chicken wrapped in foil is a simple wrap and cook dinner solution. This is a very healthy and convenient recipe. The ginseng I am using is called american ginseng fiber (洋参须). It is an inexpensive type of american ginseng touted with ‘cooling’ (降火) & mental-clarifying (提神) benefits.

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You can purchase this particular ginseng in Singapore at traditional Chinese medical hall or supermarkets (I bought a 150g packet at Fuhua for S$5.50).

Ginseng Chicken Foil Packet Recipe
First marinade the chicken with ginseng & seasonings for at least half hour.

Ginseng Chicken Foil Packet Recipe

Prepare a large sheet of foil. Place ginseng & aromatics & a few shiitake mushrooms at the bottom.

Ginseng Chicken Foil Packet Recipe
Place boneless chicken on top and top with rest of the ingredients & sauce.

Ginseng Chicken Foil Packet Recipe
Wrap the foil packets.

Ginseng Chicken Foil Packet Recipe
Steam and serve.

24 comments on “Foil-Wrapped Ginseng Chicken”

  1. This is one of my favourite…… easy to prepare and the results are superb. I usually use whole kampong chicken with ginseng and other herbs stuffed in the chicken cavity and slow cooked it. All except my daughter doesn’t really like the ” bitterness ” of the soup. I personally love the ” natural bitterness ” as I find it very soothing.By adding more red dates & wolfberries and dried scallops can add sweetness and cut down the bitterness :lol:

  2. Hi Pearlyn, great idea to add dried scallops. I will try out your version one day :-)

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  4. Dear Wiffy, can use rice cooker to steam instead? Need to flip?

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