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Ginseng Tea

Ginseng Tea

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This is a very simple ginseng tea (洋参茶) recipe with the most minimum ingredients – ginseng, water and salt (optional). Ginseng with its cooling property is perfect for combating our hot weather, keeping the body balanced. It is also a drink which is touted to improve mental alertness (提神), thus mums love to brew this for their children during exams period (for the same reason, you should avoid consuming this this drink too close to bedtime).

In this recipe, the inexpensive American ginseng “fibers” or “beards” are used. They are small, thin and wispy looking (see photo above). You can easily get a packet for less than S$10 here.

12 comments on “Ginseng Tea”

  1. I think I need this ginseng tea too! As the weather is so hot and humid making lazy everyday :)

  2. i dislike the bitterness of ginseng….i need to learn how to like it…

  3. thanks for reminding me, haha. I just went to make a cup for myself.

  4. Can anyone give me advise how to prepare ginger tea pls. I simply love this drink …..Thanks!

  5. This is how I brew it too. When I’m not feeling well, I drink anything. :D

    • Thanks for your speedy reply and the recipe. Will give it a try this weekend, btw can I use those honey rock sugar from Eu Yan Sang instead. Thanks :)

    • Hi there, I don’t have a recipe for ginger tea yet. But if you want to add honey rock sugar to ginseng tea, u can do so. best if u also add some chrysanthemum :)

  6. I know that some ginseng variety is “heaty” while some other is “cooling”…now I am trying to remember which is which. Guess I really need to increase my mental alertness liao….:O

  7. This sounds really good. I drink a lot of green tea, but haven’t had much ginseng at all. yum!

  8. Ginseng tea is something I shld drink more often :D My mom always had to force us to drink it as we didn’t like the bitter taste hehe…looking fwd to your HK stories!

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