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Steamed Mussels in Chinese Wine

Steamed Mussels in Chinese wine is a quick and easy dish to whip up at home. I bought 500 grams mussels at the supermarket for only S$1 during a quick sale when I made this recipe. Normally they will cost slightly over S$3 which is still inexpensive.

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The cooking method is really easy. Just stir fry aromatic shallots and ginger in a wok, then add the cleaned mussels and Chinese wine (Shaoxing or Hua Tiao) to steam until the shells are opened. This is so easy, that I almost never order mussels or shell fish when I eat out, as eateries usually charge a premium for seafood. It is best to buy the mussels from the fresh market and cook this dish immediately. Try it out!

First posted in Oct 2009, Updated in Jan 2015.

53 comments on “Steamed Mussels in Chinese Wine”

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  3. Hi wiffy,
    I have been following your site ever since I started to gain an interest in
    Cooking, and I must say your beautiful n easy to follow recipes has sparked up
    Great interest in a newbie like me … Thank you :-)

    I have some enquiry n hope you can help too. I like to try this recipe of your
    Steamed mussles n your clam recipies as well. But I m quite unsure how to
    Handle them. You mention for the mussles, can soak them in salt water ?
    But I read in some cooking site that says you can’t soak or submerge mussles
    Or clams in water as it will KILL them, making it unsafe to eat.
    It’s there any truth ? Can advice me what it’s the proper cleaning methods
    For Clams as well as Mussels ? And those mussles packed in the Ntuc
    Supermarket wrapped in the clear wrap, are they still alive ?

    Appreciate your kind reply, as I really will like to try cooking clams or mussels but don’t want to end up with and upset yummy.

    Cheers, Nellyn

    • Hi Nellyn, the ones I use are not live clams or mussels. Personally I have not heard about not soaking them in salt water. Either live or dead clams, soaking them in salt water (natural sea salt in water) prior to cooking, helps to purge them from grit and sand. At least that’s what I learnt from my mum :)

    • Thanks for replyIng Wiffy.

      Then how to you know if the Mussels or Clams are LIVE ones ? I saw the mussels wrap n packet places in the cut fish section of NTUC , are these live or
      Dead. I though dead mussels or clams are inedible ??

    • Only those in the fish tank are live ones. Most of the clams or mussels sold in the markets are not live ones, for best results, cook it the same day you buy.

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