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Steamed Mussels in Chinese Wine

Steamed Mussels in Chinese wine is a quick and easy dish to whip up at home. I bought 500 grams mussels at the supermarket for only S$1 during a quick sale when I made this recipe. Normally they will cost slightly over S$3 which is still inexpensive.

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The cooking method is really easy. Just stir fry aromatic shallots and ginger in a wok, then add the cleaned mussels and Chinese wine (Shaoxing or Hua Tiao) to steam until the shells are opened. This is so easy, that I almost never order mussels or shell fish when I eat out, as eateries usually charge a premium for seafood. It is best to buy the mussels from the fresh market and cook this dish immediately. Try it out!

First posted in Oct 2009, Updated in Jan 2015.

53 comments on “Steamed Mussels in Chinese Wine”

  1. These look sooo good. Your photo is fantastic. I love those colourful shells.

  2. I wish I can get such cheap mussels here too! I rarely see fresh mussels sold at my local supermarket..how sad.

  3. looks delicious and certainly cheap!

  4. This looks like another must-try recipe!

  5. Lovely dish! I keep see it in my wet market too!

  6. This meal has everything … simple, inexpensive but above all beautiful. :-)

  7. Mussels are always the perfect photographer’s “model.” These green-lipped beauties just add to the allure. A fast and elegant meal, Wiffy. You sure you’re a noob? :-)

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  9. I had it today,this is really nice and delicious, WOW!!

  10. are they really that cheap! I’ve always only seen them frozen… maybe i’ve been looking in the wrong places!

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