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Stir-fry Instant Noodles (Rotisserie Chicken)

Happy new year! Here’s the first recipe of 2019, a very quick stir-fry plain instant noodles (ramen) using supermarket rotisserie chicken as a short-cut. You can also use home-cooked leftover roast chicken. This is an easy one-dish meal that takes only 15 minutes. The fried noodles reheat well in the mirowave the next day, too.

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Stirfry Instant Noodles (Leftover Chicken) Recipe
These are the ingredients. The sauce (bottom left) is made up of light soy sauce, kecap manis (sweet dark soy), sriracha chilli & seasoning sauce (which can be substituted with fish sauce). I’m using shredded super rotisserie chicken which is cheap and convenient.

P.S. the quantities shown in these picture are for one though the printable recipe measurements were doubled (and tested).

Stirfry Instant Noodles Recipe - Step 1
First cook instant ramen noodles in a pot of boiling salted water. Once the noodles start to separate when touched with chopsticks, take them out as pictured above. Don’t worry that the noodles are not fully cooked yet, as they are returning back to the wok later. Taking them out early prevents the noodles from becoming too soft after stir-frying. Rinse the noodles in a sieve through running cold tap water, then coat the noodles in sesame oil.

Stirfry Instant Noodles Recipe - Step 2
Stir fry shallots, garlic and chilli until fragrant. Then add choy sum (cai xin) stems and shredded chicken as pictured above. Fry quickly until the stems are just cooked.

Stirfry Instant Noodles Recipe - Step 3
Add previously cooked noodles to the wok and pour sauce over the noodles…

Stirfry Instant Noodles Recipe - Step 4
… stir fry on high heat until the sauce is evenly distributed over the noodles. Then add the choy sum leaves …

Stirfry Instant Noodles Recipe - Step 5
… stir-fry quickly until the leaves are withered and noodles are dry.

Stirfry Instant Noodles (Leftover Chicken) Recipe
To serve, garnish with fried shallot oil and spring onions &/or coriander. Enjoy!

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  1. Simple and so delicious and comforting! Happy New Year :-))

  2. Like how you spice and flavor….makes me drool…

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