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Braised Tofu, Mince & Mushrooms

Happy Holidays! Here’s a dish I made just before Christmas, a very homely  Chinese-style braised tofu, mince & mushrooms. It is a variant of my trusty tofu with minced meat recipe. This one has mushrooms (hon shimeji) in them and made with more sauce, which is perfect with steamed rice. The cooking time on the stove is less than 15 minutes. I usually prepare the dry ingredients (garlic, chilli, fermented black beans, etc) the night before, so that I can make this dish in a jiffy in the day.

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 Braised Tofu, Mince & Mushrooms Recipe
This is what the dish looks like, straight from the wok. I usually make a bigger serving with intention for leftovers the next day since this dish reheats well on the stove.

2 comments on “Braised Tofu, Mince & Mushrooms”

  1. I love mushrooms! This looks like a very delicious tofu recipe. Happy Holidays :-))

  2. Made this dish, also with hon shimeji years ago! :p Homey goodness, simple and delicious dish.
    I am still very switched off :( Can’t get myself to writing-mode. Have not been cooking much except for those regular routine meals + additional winter hotpots which also do not require much over-the-stove cooking, technically. Looks like you are almost back to full-gear already.

    Hope you have enjoyed Christmas and may you and your family have a joyous Happy New Year!

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